For sanitary companies it is essential to be able to eliminate their wastewater at a safe distance from the coast and where its dilution is environmentally sustainable. For this purpose the marine emissaries, piping that goes on the seabed and extends a certain distance, allows to inject these processed liquids by means of pumps located in the coast. The marine currents allow a better distribution of the load and a better absorption of the flow of treated waters is generated. This allows to reduce the damages in the coast and the contamination of the sea by human organic wastes and other substances that are released in the cities. In order to install this solution it is necessary to carry out the pertinent environmental studies and everything necessary so that the site can operate on the coast. Within the study for these purposes the following should normally be considered :


Then it is indispensable to have the appropriate advisers, with experience in this matter of so much environmental complexity and social sensitivity. We currently have active contracts with many sanitary water companies.

Our main interest is that your project has feasibility and long term projection.