It is due to the Ministry of National Defense through the Sub secretary of Army Forces to provide control, inspection and supervision of all the seashore in Chile. This goes along the coastline of sea, rivers and lakes navigable by vessels of over 10 gross Tons(TRG).

It is exclusive faculty of the Ministry of Defense and of the General Direction Board for the Maritime Territory and Merchant Navy to grant the particular use of any kind, of the beach and its near ground, rocks, water portions, sea bottom and the Bays in all the Territorial Sea Same faculty is applicable for rivers and lakes navigable by vessels of over 100 TRG ( Gross Tons of registry).

In rivers and lakes not considered in the previous norm, in the event of being fiscal property, the afore mentioned faculty will be enforced on the extension that they are affected by the tide and respect of the same sectors mentioned in the previous point.

The respective authority may authorize the removal of any materials that might be found in areas under its jurisdiction and control, as well as the installation of temporary tents or disarmable constructions, promotional signs, docking for minor boats or seed collectors, rafts and buoys for demarcation of recreational areas.

Then it will be possible to obtain the particular use over national properties, technically called as “Maritime Concessions”.

Private Companies, Natural Persons being Chilean or foreigner, Corporations, Foundations, Town Halls, State Companies, etc; can be beneficiaries of a Maritime Concession.

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