The coast of our country is very wide and not only considers the ocean coast, but also the edges of rivers and lakes. There is a regulation that regulates the use of banks, waters and water resources for their exploitation and / or commercial use of all waters. The administration of these fiscal goods is in charge of the Ministry of Defense through the General Direction of the Maritime Territory, they concentrate on the particular use in any form, of the beach lands, beaches, rocks, Seabed, in and out of the bays. The same applies to rivers and lakes navigable by ships of more than 100 tons, in relation to their beach lands, beaches, rocks, portions of water and bottom of these. Therefore, there is a need to request the use of the coast for the purposes that are desired and is subject to terms, infrastructure, surface coverage, whether it is over water, underwater, etc. Within these uses we can mention:

All of the above may also be exposed to changes with respect to their concessionaires, installation and modifications of works or works permit, modification of concession periods, surface, objective, renovations, arbitrations, inheritances, transfers and expirations.

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